Adults:  We Offer Adults Help with Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, Substance Abuse, Difficulty Adjusting to Life Events, Past Abuse or Trauma, Pregnancy/Postpartum Support, Stress, Family Problems, and Grief/loss.

Children/Adolescents:  We Offer Children, Adolescents, and Parents Help with all of the above, as well as, Behavioral Problems, Parenting Issues, Self-Harm/Cutting Behavior, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD).

Trainings:  A Counselor from Thriving Families is available to do trainings on a variety of therapeutic topics either at our site or yours.  Please call the number below to discuss details.

Evaluations:  Diagnostic Evaluations can be performed for a variety of reasons:  substance abuse assessments, court documentation, Home-Placement Studies, etc.


Depending on which therapy model is right for you—and oftentimes this is a compilation of therapies—the ultimate goal is helping you decrease suffering and obtain greater acceptance and fulfillment in life. Despite the discomfort and challenges inherent to psychotherapy, some of the possible gains from treatment might include the following: 

  • a greater acceptance of life as it is

  • fewer addictive and compulsive behaviors

  • increased sense of worthiness and self-esteem~ a greater desire to be independent and self-supporting

  • an increased sense of happiness, less anxiety and depression and dimin-ished shame

  • a more balanced view on life and relationships

  • a more compassionate view of your body

  • an increased ability to be assertive and emotionally expressive

  • a greater ability to form meaningful and loving relationships with yourself and others

  • more productivity at work/school

What we offer you: